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Feb 28, 2024

Trump and biden win michigan, but ‘uncommitted’ votes demand attention • Ivf embryos are protected children under state law, alabama supreme court rules • Republicans call for immigration crackdown after college student’s death • Believing in god-given rights indicates 'christian nationalism,' politico journalist says

Feb 21, 2024

Louisiana governor declares state of emergency due to police shortage • Big tech teams up to take action against ai deepfakes in 2024 election • Protests erupt at iowa capital over ‘women’s bill of rights’ • House democrats condemn appearance of ‘radical christian nationalist’ pastor jack hibbs

Feb 14, 2024

Special counsel declines to charge biden in docs probe, cites ‘poor memory’ • Alejandro mayorkas impeached by house over border crisis after surviving vote last week • 'he gets us' super bowl ad sparks debate among christians • Biden admin warned banks about christian “extremists” who bought bibles

Feb 07, 2024

Mayorkas avoids impeachment as house republicans fail to muster votes • Oregon supreme court bars republican senators who participated in walkout from reelection • Six pro-life advocates face 11 years in prison for protesting abortion after joe biden targets them • 'america needs god': lawmakers join evangelical leaders in repentance

Jan 31, 2024

25 republican governors back texas in escalating border standoff with us government • Oregon democrats move to undo key part of drug decriminalization law • Lawmakers demand swift response from biden after 3 us soldiers killed, 34 wounded • Religious 'nones' are now largest group in the us

Jan 24, 2024

Trump trounces haley in new hampshire to sweep first two nominating contests • The 50 countries where it’s hardest to follow jesus in 2024 • Abortion-rights opponents brave snow for march for life rally • Supreme court authorizes biden admin to tear down texas razor wire securing border